Diversity In Focus

IFFS Signature Program. Be part the conversations and thought providing dialogue. This is an opportunity meet some of the industries most diverse and innovated movers and shakers and network with professionals from all around the world.

Upcoming Cities

  • Cannes, France
    • Join us in the South of France during the Cannes Film Festival. May 15-16, 2018
  • Leticia, Italy
    • Join us in Lerici, Italy during the Suonni del Golfo Music and Poetry Festival www.it.suonidalgolfo.com (Details coming soon)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Join us at the Tropic Business and Entertainment Summit. Oct. 16-20, 2018¬†(Details coming soon)
  • Hollywood, California
    • Join us in entertainment capital for an extensive¬†(Details coming soon)