About In-Focus

Our Mission

In-Focus Film Society is about you, a member-supported organization dedicate to providing you the support you need no matter what industry level you are in. We are an organization through whom established filmmakers can share and provide support; and where new and independent filmmakers can find the right tools and the proper knowledge to take their dreams to the next level by making them a reality. We will accomplish this mission with year-round educational workshops, screenings, collaborative community partnerships, and an annual festival presence.


Our Vision and Goals

  • IFFS will present a series of workshops, panel discussions, and presentations year round. The goal is to work with local communities to assist in nurturing and educating aspiring filmmakers and performers while endeavoring to collaborate with other US and international film organizations to encourage education regarding new technological advances in filmmaking.
  • Support the development of the film and entertainment industries within Los Angeles and Internationally.
  • Form collaborative partnerships with other film organizations outside of the US in order to create a network of diverse influence and support.
  • Communicate with regional, national, and international performing arts and cultural festivals and events.
  • Work with city officials and tourism authorities to introduce international film executives and professionals to the existing and emerging industry filmmakers and opportunities.